From The Bruises Flowers Grow

Laura, 20.
In recovery from Bulimia.

I slipped up. Again.
I think I’m feeling guilty about not feeling guilt.
This is crazy.

(But so am I)…

I come from such a close-minded, backwards family that it actually makes me sick.

I may have to look out my CBT ‘Coping Strategies’ booklet because I really can’t relapse right now. Nonono.

  1. painsomnia said: Sorry things are so tough for you right now xxx

Thank you, sweetie!


So it seems things are slipping. Infact, that’s putting it lightly. Things are zooming downhill because I left the handbrake off and I’m heading for a cliff.
- I’ve had some gut-punchingly awful news.
- I’m having a crisis of confidence regarding my ability at work.
- I can’t concentrate on my studies.
- I’m questioning a LOT about who I am.
- I haven’t taken my medication in about 2(?) weeks.

I want to rip my skin off.